Xiaoyu Xu

Assistant Research Scientist, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Professional Website


2009-2013: Ph.D. Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary
2007-2010: M.S. Department of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University
2003-2007: B.S. Department of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University
2003-2007: B.A. Department of Foreign Languages, Central China Normal University

Areas of Expertise

Ecosystem ecology/Biogeochemistry

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

2011-2013. Research Fellowship from NNOA Virginia Sea Grant
2009-2011. Graduate Student Scholarship from Chinese Scholarship Council


Feb. 2019 – now: Assistant Research Scientist. Metal Biogeochemistry Lab, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, University of Georgia

June 2019 – now: Courtesy Faculty. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia

Selected Publications

X. Xu, E. Peck, D. Fletcher, A. Korotasz, J. Perry. 2020. Limitations of applying DGT to predict bioavailability of metal mixtures in aquatic systems with unstable water chemistries. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 39(12), 2485-2495.

C. Qin, X. Xu, E. Peck. 2022. Sink or source? Insights into the behavior of copper and zinc in the sediment porewater of a constructed wetland by peepers. Science of the Total Environment. 821, 153127.

A. Pathak, R. Jaswal, X. Xu, J. R. White, B. Edwards III, et. al. 2020. Characterization of bacterial and fungal assemblages from historically contaminated metalliferous soils using metagenomics coupled with diffusion chambers and microbial traps. Frontiers in Microbiology, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.01024.

X. Xu, A. L. Bryan, G. Mills, A. Krotasz. 2019. Mercury speciation, bioavailability, and biomagnification in contaminated streams on the Savannah River Site (SC, USA). Science of the Total Environment, 668(10): 261-270.

X. Xu, G. Mills. 2018. Do constructed wetlands remove metals or increase metal bioavailability? Journal of Environmental Management, 218(15): 245-255.

X. Xu, W. X. Wang. 2016. Mercury exposure and source tracking in distinct marine-caged fish farm in southern China. Environmental Pollution, 220(B): 1138-1146.

X. Xu, Q. Zhang, W. X. Wang. 2016. Linking stable mercury, carbon, and nitrogen isotopes in fish from two lakes of Tibetan Plateau. Scientific Reports, 6: 25394.

X. Xu, M. C. Newman. 2014. Mercury exposure as a function of fish consumption in two Asian communities in coastal Virginia, USA. Archive of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 68(3): 462-475.