Tamika Lunn

Assistant Professor
Graduate Program Faculty

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Website


Ph.D. – Griffith University, Australia

BSc(Hons) – University of Tasmania, Australia

Courses Taught

Conservation Biology (ECOL 3530)

GIS for Ecologists (ECOL 4450/6450)

Research Interests
  • Mathematical and statistical modeling
  • Animal behavior and pathogen transmission
  • Anthropogenic change and wildlife-pathogen interaction
  • Spatial ecology and epidemiology
  • Conservation and wildlife management
  • Ecological interventions


Research Projects:

Selected Publications

Lunn, T.J., A.J. Peel, H. McCallum, P. Eby, M.K. Kessler, R.K. Plowright, O. Restif (2021). Spatial dynamics of pathogen transmission in communally roosting species: impacts of changing habitats on bat-virus dynamics. Journal of Animal Ecology, 90:2609–2622.

Lunn, T.J., P. Eby, R. Brooks*, H. McCallum, R.K. Plowright, M.K. Kessler, A.J Peel (2021). Conventional wisdom on roosting behaviour of Australian flying foxes – a critical review, and evaluation using new data. Ecology and Evolution, 11:13532–13558.

Ruiz-Aravena, M., C. McKee, A. Gamble, T.J. Lunn, A. Morris, C.E. Snedden, C.K. Yinda, J.R. Port, D.W Buchholz, Y.Y. Yeo, C. Faust, E. Jax, L. Dee, D. Jones, M. Kessler, C. Falvo, D. Crowley, N. Bharti, C.E. Brook, H.C. Aguilar, A.J. Peel, O. Restif, T. Schountz, C.R. Parrish, E.S. Gurley, J.O. Lloyd-Smith, P. Hudson, V.J. Munster, R.K. Plowright (2022). Ecology, evolution, and spillover of coronaviruses from bats. Nature Reviews Microbiology, 20:299-314.

Kessler, M.K., D.J. Becker, A.J. Peel, N.V. Justice, T. Lunn, D.E. Crowley, D.N. Jones, P. Eby, C.A. Sanchez, R.K. Plowright (2018). Changing resource landscapes and spillover of henipaviruses. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1429(1):78-99.