Stephen W. Golladay

Adjunct Faculty
Associate Scientist, Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center
Graduate Program Faculty

Professional Website


PhD in Zoology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

MS in Zoology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

BS in Biology, Juniata College

Selected Publications

Waters, M. N., S. W. Golladay, C. H. Patrick, J. M. Smoak, and S. D. Shivers. 2015. The potential effects of river regulation and watershed land use on sediment characteristics and lake primary producers in a large reservoir. Hydrobiologia 749:15-30.

Botello, G., S. Golladay, A. Covich, and M. Blackmore. 2013. Immature mosquitoes in agricultural wetlands of the coastal plain of Georgia, U.S.A.: effects of landscape and environmental habitat characteristics. Ecological Indicators 34:304-312.

Rugel, K., C. R. Jackson, J. J. Romeis, S. W. Golladay, D. W. Hicks, and J. F. Dowd. 2012. Effects of irrigation withdrawals on streamflows in a karst environment: lower Flint River Basin, Georgia, USA. Hydrological Processes 26:523-534.

Buckner, E. A., M. S. Blackmore, S. W. Golladay, and A. P. Covich. 2011. Weather and landscape factors associated with adult mosquito abundance in southwestern Georgia, U.S.A. Journal of Vector Ecology 36:269-278.

Atkinson, C. L., S. P. Opsahl, A. P. Covich, S. W. Golladay, and L. M. Conner. 2010. Stable isotopic signatures, tissue stoichiometry, and nutrient cycling (C and N) of native and invasive freshwater bivalve. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29:496-505.