Shuo Chen

Postdoctoral Researcher
Visiting Scholar
Capps Lab


Ph.D. in Geological Sciences, The University of Alabama, 2021
B.Sc. in Marine Chemistry, Ocean University of China, 2014


Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Biological Sciences, Idaho State University
Visiting Scholar, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia

Research Interests

Biogeochemistry in Carbon Dynamics

Freshwater Ecology

Metadata Analysis in Ecology Study

Research Projects:

Evaluate the effects of human activities (e.g., urbanization) and extreme climate and weather events on the quality and quantity of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and nutrients in the fluvial network

Understand longitudinal transformations of DOM and nutrients by multivariate data analysis of metadata


Selected Publications

Lu, Y., Shang, P., Chen, S., Du, Y., Bonizzoni, M. and Ward, A.K., 2021. Discharge and Temperature Controls of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in a Forested Coastal Plain Stream. Water, 13(20), p.2919. (IF = 3.103)

Chen, S., Du, Y., Das, P., Lamore, A.F., Dimova, N.T., Elliott, M., Broadbent, E.N., Roebuck Jr, J.A., Jaffé, R., Lu, Y. (2021). Agricultural land use changes stream dissolved organic matter via altering soil inputs to streams. Science of The Total Environment, 796, p.148968. (IF = 7.963)

Wei, S., Lu, Y., Chen, S., Shang, P., Xia, Y., Zhang, Y. (2021). Fractional-derivative model simulations of reach-scale uptake and transport dynamics of natural fluorescent dissolved organic matter in a temperate forested stream in southeastern US. Journal of Hydrology, p.126878. (IF = 5.722)

Hopper, G. W., Chen, S., Sanchez Gonzalez, I., Bucholz, J. R., Lu, Y., Atkinson, C. L. (2021). Aggregated filter‐feeders govern the flux and stoichiometry of locally available energy and nutrients in rivers. Functional Ecology, 35(5), 1183-1195. (IF = 5.610)

Sankar, M.S., Dash, P., Lu, Y., Mercer, A.E., Turnage, G., Shoemaker, C.M., Chen, S., Moorhead, R.J. (2020). Land use and land cover control on the spatial variation of dissolved organic matter across 41 lakes in Mississippi, USA. Hydrobiologia, 847(4), pp.1159-1176. (IF = 2.781)

Chen, S., Lu, Y., Dash, P., Das, P., Li, J., Capps, K., Majidzadeh, H., Elliott, M. (2019). Hurricane pulses: small watershed exports of dissolved nutrients and organic matter during large storms in the Southeastern USA. Science of The Total Environment, 689, pp.232-244 (IF = 7.963)

Sankar, M S., Dash, P., Sigh, S., Lu, Y., Mercer, A., Chen, S. (2019). Effect of Photo-biodegradation and Biodegradation on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Dissolved Organic Matter Across Diverse Surface Water Bodies, Journal of Environmental Sciences (IF = 4.302)

Liu, C., Gao, C., Zhang, H., Chen, S., Deng, P., Yue, X. A., Guo, X. (2014). Production of dimethylsulfide and acrylic acid from dimethylsulfoniopropionate during growth of three marine microalgae. Chinese journal of oceanology and limnology, 32(6), 1270-1279 (IF = 1.068)