Sechindra Vallury

Assistant Professor
Director of Policy, River Basin Center
Graduate Program Faculty

Professional Website


Ph.D., School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, 2019.
M.S. Environmental Studies & Natural Resource Management, TERI School of Advanced Studies, 2014.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, 2010.

Areas of Expertise

Aquatic ecology / Watershed ecology

Sustainability science / Conservation ecology

Selected Publications

Vallury, S., Abbott, J. K., Shin, H. C., & Anderies, J. M. (2020). Sustaining coupled irrigation infrastructures: multiple instruments for multiple dilemmas. Ecological Economics, 178, 106793.

Vallury, S., Shin, H., Janssen, M., Meinzen-Dick, R., Kandikuppa, S., Rao, K., & Chaturvedi, R. (2022). Assessing the institutional foundations of adaptive water governance in South India. Ecology and Society, 27(1).

Shin, H. C., Vallury, S., Abbott, J. K., Anderies, J. M., & David, J. Y. (2022). Understanding the effects of institutional diversity on irrigation systems dynamics. Ecological Economics, 191, 107221.

Breetz, H. L., Kunkel, L. C., Vallury, S., & Cuiffo, K. V. (2022). Small towns with big plans: Municipal adoption of 100% renewable electricity policies. Energy Research & Social Science, 90, 102664.

Shin, H. C., Vallury, S., Janssen, M. A., & Yu, D. J. (2022). Joint effects of voluntary participation and group selection on the evolution of altruistic punishment. PloS one, 17(5), e0268019.

Vallury, S., & Leonard, B. (2022). Canals, climate, and corruption: The provisioning of public infrastructure under uncertainty. Economics & Politics, 34(1), 221-252.