Mekala Sundaram

Postdoctoral Associate
Stephens Lab


Ph.D., Quantitative Ecology, Purdue University (2011-2016)
M.S., Conservation Biology, Central Michigan University (2008-2011)
B.S., Life Sciences and Biochemistry, Mumbai University (2004-2008)

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

Elevating the visibility of agricultural research grant, Purdue University; Survival of the quickest to adapt: coping with a globally changing environment (2019, Co-PI)

American Society of Mammalogists Grants-in-Aid of Research; Mechanisms underlying seed dormancy detection by eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) (2015)

Fred M. van Eck Scholarship, Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center, Purdue University (2011-2016)

Selected Publications

Sundaram M, AE Higdon, KV Wood, CC Bonham, RK Swihart. 2020. Mechanisms underlying seed dormancy detection by a scatter-hoarding rodent. Integrative Zoology 15: 89-102.

Sundaram M, MJ Donoghue, A Farjon, D Filer, S Mathews, W Jetz, AB Leslie. 2019. Accumulation over time as a major cause of biodiversity hotspots in conifers. Proceedings Royal Society B 286:20191887.

Antonides J, S Mathur ,M Sundaram, R Ricklefs, JA DeWoody. 2019. Immunogenetic response of the bananaquit in the face of malarial parasites. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19:107.