Mac Callaham

Adjunct Faculty
Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service
Graduate Program Faculty


Ph.D. in Biology, Kansas State University

M.S. in Agronomy, University of Georgia

B.A. in English, University of Georgia

B.S. in Zoology, University of Georgia

Research Interests

I am interested in soil ecosystem responses to natural disturbances (fire, wind, and flood), forest management practices which seek to simulate disturbances (prescribed fire, thinning, harvesting), and anthropogenic disturbances (e.g. invasive species). I am particularly interested in responses of soil biota (e.g. earthworms, herbivorous insects, soil microbes, etc.) to these disturbances and land management practices, and how changes in invertebrate assemblages may lead to changes in other components of forest systems (e.g. nutrient relationships, plant-herbivore relationships). In addition to pure soil biology, I am also interested in elemental dynamics, and specifically the effects of prescribed fire on soil organic matter and toxics (soil carbon, nitrogen, and mercury).

Selected Publications

Lilleskov, Erik; Callaham, Jr. Mac A.; Pouyat, Richard; Smith, Jane E.; Castellano, Michael; Gonzalez, Grizelle; Lodge, D. Jean; Arango, Rachel; Green, Frederick. 2010. Invasive soil organisms and their effects on belowground processes.

Callaham, M.A., Jr. 2009.  Grunting for worms: reactions of Diplocardia to seismic vibrations.

O’Brien, J.J.; Hiers, J.K.; Callaham, M.A., Jr..; Mitchell, R.J.; Jack, S. 2008. Interactions among overstory structure, seedling life-history traits and fire in frequently burned neotropical pine forests.

Kitchen, D.J.; Blair, J.M.; Callaham, M.A. , Jr. 2009. Annual fire and mowing alter biomass, depth distribution, and C and N content of roots in soil in tallgrass prairie.

Callaham, M.A. 2008. Pandora’s box contained bait: The global problem of introduced earthworms.