J. Bruce Wallace

Professor Emeritus

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Virginia Tech

Areas of Expertise

Stream ecology

Research Interests

My research is in stream ecology and involves work in several areas. These areas include: effects of disturbance on stream ecosystems; organic matter dynamics in streams; secondary production and ecology of aquatic invertebrates; manipulation of stream food webs; invertebrate community structure in streams; and, role of aquatic invertebrates in stream ecosystem processes. Most of my current research centers on projects at the Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina.

Selected Publications

Rosi-Marshall, E. J., and J. B. Wallace. 2002. Invertebrate food webs along a stream resource gradient. Freshwater Biology 47: 129-141.

Wallace, J. B., Webster, J.R., Eggert, S.L., Meyer, J.L., Siler, E. R. 2001. Large Woody debris in a headwater stream: long-term legacies of forest disturbance. International Rev. Hydrobiology. 86:501-513.

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