George Vellidis

Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Professional Website


Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with a minor area of study in Environmental Engineering, University of Florida

M.S. in Agricultural Engineering, Virginia Tech

B.S. in Agricultural Engineering, Virginia Tech

Research Interests

Dr. Vellidis applies principles of engineering and the sciences to measure, model, and manage the interaction between agricultural production systems and the environment. Under this umbrella, he has developed two areas of emphasis – water resources and precision agriculture. Often these two areas blend.

Selected Publications

Vellidis, G. 2013. Cotton Yield Maps: Tools for Increasing Efficiency and Profitability. 24-minuteb webinar available through the Plant Management Network and sponsored by Cotton Inc.

Vellidis, G., M. Tucker, C. Perry, H. Henry, and R.W. Hill. 2013.Licencing agreement for the commercialization of the University of Georgia Smart Sensor Array (UGA SSA) for Scheduling Irrigation with Advanced Ag Systems of Dothan, AL, 20 September 2013.

*Mehring, A., R.R. Lowrance, A.M. Helton, C.M. Pringle, A. Thompson, D.D. Bosch, and G.Vellidis. 2013. Interannual drought length governs dissolved organic carbon dynamics in blackwater rivers of the western upper Suwannee River basin. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 118:1636-1645. doi:10.1002/2013JG002415.

*Jang, T.,G. Vellidis, J.B. Hyman, E. Brooks, L.A. Kurkalova, J. Boll, and J. Cho. 2012. Model for prioritizing best management practice implementation: Sediment load reduction. EnvironmentalManagement51(1):209-DOI 10.1007/s00267-012-9977-4.Vellidis CV/p.2

Vellidis, G., B. Ortiz, J. Beasley, R. Hill, H. Henry, and H. Brannen. 2013. Using RTK-based GPS guidance for planting and inverting peanuts. In: J.V. Stafford (Ed.), Precision Agriculture 2013 Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (9ECPA), Lleida, Spain –received best paper award.

Vellidis, G., Tucker, M., Perry, C., Reckford, D, Butts, C., Henry, H., Liakos, V., Hill, R.W., and Edwards, W. 2013. A soil moisture sensor-based variable rate irrigation scheduling system. In: J.V.Stafford (Ed.), Precision Agriculture 2013 -Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (9ECPA), Lleida, Spain.

*Liakos, V., Vellidis, G., G. Harris, R., Hill, and H. Henry, W. 2013. Variable rate application of side-dress nitrogen on cotton in Georgia, US. In: J.V. Stafford (Ed.), Precision Agriculture 2013 -Proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (9ECPA), Lleida, Spain.

Vellidis G.and H.S. Brannen. 2012. Cotton yield maps: Tools for increasing efficiency andprofitability. 8-page, full color booklet summarizing benefits of using cotton yield maps. Booklet funded by Cotton Inc. and distributed at the 2013 Beltwide Cotton Conference, various other workshops, and county extension offices.

*Ortiz, B.V., D. Sullivan, C. Perry, and G. Vellidis. 2011. Delineation of management zones for southern root-knot nematode using fuzzy clustering of terrain and edaphic field characteristics, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 42(16):1972-1994, DOI 10.1080/00103624.2011.591471.

Vellidis, G., H. Savelle, R. G. Ritchie, G. Harris, R. Hill, and H. Henry. 2011. NDVI response of cotton to nitrogen application rates in Georgia, USA. In: J.V. Stafford (Ed.), Precision Agriculture2011 – Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (8ECPA), Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 358-368.

*Todd, M.J., R.R. Lowrance, P. Goovaerts, C.M. Pringle,

Vellidis. 2010. Geostatistical modeling of the spatial distribution of sediment oxygen demand within a coastal plain blackwaterwatershed. Geoderma159(1-2):53-62, DOI 10.1016/j.geoderma.2010.06.015.

Vellidis, G., M. Tucker, C. Perry, C. Kvien, and C. Bednarz. 2008. A real-time wireless smartsensor array for scheduling irrigation. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture61(1):44-50.

Vellidis, G., V. Garrick, S. Pocknee, C. Perry, C. Kvien, M. Tucker. 2007. How wireless will change agriculture. In: Stafford, J.V. (Ed.), Precision Agriculture ‘07 – Proceedings of the Sixth European Conference on Precision Agriculture (6ECPA), Skiathos, Greece, pp. 57-67. Invited Keynote Presentation.

*Gay, P.,G. Vellidis, and J.J. Delfino. 2006. The attenuation of atrazine and it’s major degradation products in a restored riparian buffer. Transactions of the ASABE 49(5) 1323-1339.

Vellidis, G., P. Barnes, D.D. Bosch, A.M. Cathey. 2006. Mathematical simulation tools for developing dissolved oxygen TMDLs. Transactions of the ASABE 49(4) 1003-1022.

Vellidis, G., M.A. Tucker, C.D. Perry, T. Wells, and C. Kvien. 2004. Predictive cotton lint yield maps from aerial photographs. Precision Agriculture 5(6):547–564.

Vellidis, G., C.D. Perry, G. Rains, D.L. Thomas, N. Wells, C.K. Kvien. 2003. Simultaneous assessment of cotton yield monitors. Applied Engineering in Agriculture19(3):259-272.Vellidis CV/p.3

Suttles, J.B.,G. Vellidis, D. Bosch, R. Lowrance, J.M. Sheridan, and E.L. Usery. 2003. Watershed-scale simulation of sediment and nutrient loads in Georgia coastal plain streams using the annualized AGNPS model. Transactions of the ASAE 46(5):1325-1335 –received ASAE Superior Paper Award for 2004.

Vellidis, G., C.D. Perry, J.S. Durrence, D.L. Thomas, R.W. Hill, C.K. Kvien, T.K. Hamrita. 2003.U.S. Patent 6,525,276issued 25 February 2003 for “Crop Yield Monitoring System”, Principal Inventor. Technology was licensed by WAG Corporation of Tupelo, MS.

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