C. Ronald Carroll

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. – University of Chicago

Research Interests
  • Conservation biology
  • Sustainable development
  • Plant-animal interactions
  • Forest regeneration
  • Invasive species
Selected Publications


Groom, M., G.K.Meffe and C.R.Carroll. 2006. Principles of Conservation Ecology (greatly revised and expanded 3rd edition), Sinauer Publ. Currently working on the fourth edition to appear in 2010/11.

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Barczak, S. and C. R. Carroll. 2007. Climate change implications for Georgia’s water resources and energy future. Georgia Water Conference, March 2007.

Tian, G., R. Justicia, D.C. Coleman, C.R. Carroll. 2007. Assessment of Soil and Plant Carbon Levels in Two Ecosystems (Woody Bamboo and Pasture) in Montane Ecuador. Soil Science 172: 459-468.

Carroll, R. 2007. Cities and the rivers that run through them. Basins and Coasts. Integrated Management of Coastal and Freshwater System, Vol. 29. USAID

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Stubble, K.L., L.K. Kirkman, C.R. Carroll. 2010.  Are red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) facilitators of native seed dispersal. Biological Invasions (accepted)

Peters, V., R. Modecai, R. Greenberg, C. R. Carroll, R. Cooper. 2010. Bird community response to fruit energy. J. Animal Ecol. (accepted)

Gottdenker N. L., J. Calzada, A. Saldana, and C. R. Carroll (submitted). Anthropogenic land use change is associated with increased abundance of the Chagas disease vector Rhodnius pallescens in a rural landscape of Panama. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene