Bernard Patten

Regents' Professor Emeritus


A.B. , Cornell University

M.A. , University of Michigan

M.S., Ph.D.,  Rutgers University

Research Interests
  • Systems ecology
  • Comparative ecosystems

Research Projects

Ecological network theory: applications to ecosystem structure and function, indirect effects, trophic dynamics and utility.

Selected Publications

Patten, B. C. 2016. Systems ecology and environmentalism: getting the science right.  Part II.  The Janus-1 Enigma Hypothesis.  Ecological Modelling 335: 101-138.

Patten, B. C. 2015.  The cardinal hypotheses of Holoecology.  Facets for a General Systems Theory of the organism-environment relationship.  Ecological Modelling 319: 63-111.

Patten, B. C. 2015.  Systems ecology and environmentalism: getting the science right.  Part I. Facets for a more holistic Nature Book of ecology.  Ecological Modelling 293: 4-21.

Fath, B. D. and B. C. Patten. 1999. Network synergism: emergence of positive relations in ecological models. Ecol. Mod. 107: 127-143.

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