Alan Covich

Professor Emeritus
Graduate Program Faculty

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Ph.D. – Yale University

Areas of Expertise
Honors, Awards, and Achievements
  • Fellow, Society for Freshwater Science – 2019
  • Distinguished Ecologist, Colorado State University – 2018
  • Distinguished Service Award, Ecological Society of America- 2015
  • Fellow, Ecological Society of America- 2012
  • President, International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) – 2009
  • President, Ecological Society of America. – 2007
  • Fulbright Scholar, University of Coimbra, Portugal – 2003
  • Visiting Scholar, National Center for Ecological Synthesis and Analysis – 2001
  • Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science – 2000
  • President, American Institute of Biological Sciences – 1999
  • American Water Resources Association Award of Excellence – 1997
  • President, North American Benthological Society – 1996

Professional Society Affiliations

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Association for the Science of Limnology and Oceanography
  • Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation
  • International Association for Ecology
  • International Society for Limnology
  • Society for Freshwater Science
Courses Taught

ECOL 3400, ECOL 3500, ECOL 4310/6310, ECOL 8230

Research Interests
  • Impacts of floods and hurricanes on tropical stream food webs.
  • Drought impacts on terrestrial-freshwater linkages in temperate and tropical stream ecosystems.

Research Projects

Since 1988 I have worked with colleagues in Puerto Rico on the effects of urban growth, harvesting of freshwater shrimps and crabs, and intersections of road networks on river networks. I am also collaborating with Brazilian colleagues in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul on food webs in karst streams that flow into the Pantanal.

Selected Publications

Valente-Neto, F., F.H. da Silva, A.P. Covich, F. de Oliveira Roque. 2019. Streams dry and ecological uniqueness rise: Environmental selection drives aquatic insect patterns in a riverine network prone to intermittence. Hydrobiologia (Online:

Lininger, K.B., J. Raimondi, N. Kramer, D. Homrighausen, and A. Covich. 2019. Comparison of discharge pulses in temperate and tropical rainforest headwater stream networks. Journal of Hydrology 579:1242362.

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Shivers, S.D., S.W. Golladay, M.N. Waters, S.B. Wilde, P.D. Ashford, and A.P. Covich. 2018. Rivers to reservoirs: Hydrological drivers control reservoir function by affecting the abundance of submerged and floating macrophytes. Hydrobiologia 815:21-35

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Smith, C.R., P.V. McCormick, A.P. Covich, and S.W. Golladay. 2017. Comparison of macroinvertebrate assemblages across a gradient of flow-permanence in an agricultural watershed. River Research and Applications 33:1428-38.

Covich, A.P. 2017. Frank Golley’s perspectives on environmental ethics and literacy: How to avoid irreversible impacts of hydro-power and inter-oceanic canal development on Meso-American tropical ecosystems? Human Ecology Review 23:39-53.

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