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UGA ecologists provide close-up of coral bleaching event

New research by UGA ecologists sheds light on exactly what happens to coral during periods of excessively high water temperatures. Their study, published in the journal Limnology and Oceanography, documents a coral bleaching event in the Caribbean in minute detail and sheds light on how it changed a coral’s community of algae—a change that could have long-term consequences for coral health, as bleaching is predicted to occur more frequently in the future.

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Malaria and climate change study by John Drake featured on SciDev.Net

SciDev.Net, a website that provides science and technology information for the global development community, reports on a study about malaria and climate change led by Odum School Associate Professor John Drake.

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: The Urbanization of Mosquito Ecology and Socio-ecological Drivers Of Disease Risk
Shannon LaDeau, Disease Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Sep. 30, 2014

CONSERVATION SEMINAR: Climate Change 101: What we know and don't know in 2014
Marshall Shepherd, Department of Geography, UGA
Oct. 1, 2014