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New model helps explain how human-provided food resources promote or reduce wildlife disease

Scientists have long known that providing supplemental food for wildlife, or resource provisioning, can sometimes cause more harm than good. UGA ecologists Daniel Becker and Richard Hall have developed a new mathematical model to tease apart the processes that help explain why.

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Vanessa Ezenwa profiled in UGA's Focus on Faculty Oct. 5, 2014

Associate Professor Vanessa Ezenwa was profiled in the "Focus on Faculty" page of the University of Georgia web site.

Read the full profile: Focus on Faculty: Vanessa Ezenwa

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CONSERVATION SEMINAR: The longleaf pine ecosystem: Ecology and restoration of the FIRE FOREST
Kay Kirkman, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
Oct. 22, 2014

A film by David Hanson, Michael Hanson, and Andrew Kornylak
Oct. 22, 2014