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Canceled flights: For monarch butterflies, loss of migration means more disease

A new study by University of Georgia ecologists, just published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, has found that winter-breeding butterflies are at increased risk of disease, a finding that could apply to other migratory species as well. Planting tropical milkweed, available at many garden centers, makes the problem worse.

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Gittleman quoted in Science

Odum School Dean John Gittleman, who studies large-scale evolutionary and ecological questions about biodiversity and conservation with a focus on mammals, was quoted in Science in an article about a new study of carnivore population regulation.

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Plant-Insect Interactions in Tropical Rain Forest Canopies
Meg Lowman, Chief of Science and Sustainability, California Academy of Sciences
Mar. 3, 2015

ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Views from the top: Our emerging understanding of forest canopies from three decades of rainforest research
Nalini Nadkarni, Professor, Department of Biology, and Director, Center for Science and Math Education, University of Utah
Mar. 17, 2015