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Parasites and hosts may respond differently to a warmer world

Organisms infected by parasites may respond differently to changes in temperature than their uninfected counterparts, according to new research from the Odum School. The study of a host-parasite system in coastal waters of the southeastern U.S. found that a rise of just 2 degrees Celsius could be enough to cause the parasite to die out locally, as infected hosts are not able to survive at the higher temperature.

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Assistant professor focuses research on environmental drivers of disease

Assistant Professor Courtney Murdock was profiled in the Nov. 13, 2017, edition of UGA's Columns newspaper.

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Neglected Tropical Diseases--A Holistic Ecological Approach
Nicole Gottdenker, Associate Professor of Anatomic Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, UGA
Feb. 13, 2018

ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Building Confidence in Global Carbon Cycle-Climate Feedbacks By Understanding Local Processes
Mark Bradford, Professor of Soils and Ecosystem Ecology, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Feb. 20, 2018