Odum School welcomes inaugural Student Ambassadors

Allyson Mann

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Odum School of Ecology's inaugural Student Ambassadors include (front row, left to right) Paige Robinson, Ethan Hackmeyer, (back row, left to right) Isaac Wood, Skye Remko, Caroline Anscombe and Sam Dilley. Not pictured: Margaret Xiao Photo by Allison Injaian

This fall the Odum School of Ecology welcomed its inaugural Student Ambassadors, a group of undergraduate ecology students serving as leaders in the Odum community.

The group includes Caroline Anscombe, BS ’23; Sam Dilley, AB ’25; Ethan Hackmeyer, AB ’23; Skye Remko, BS ’23; Paige Robinson, AB ’25; Isaac Wood, BS ’24; and Margaret Xiao, AB ’24.

Caroline Anscombe (left) and Ethan Hackmeyer served as chefs for the Nov. 16 Waffle Wednesday. Photo by Allison Injaian

Student Ambassadors help host Odum events—like Waffle Wednesday and graduation receptions—that build a sense of community. They assist with campus visits, meeting with families and providing shadowing opportunities for prospective students. They also contribute content through the Odum School’s social media channels, providing insight into the student experience.Allison Injaian serves as faculty mentor for the program.

“Our Student Ambassadors serve as a liaison between the administrative and undergraduate sides of the Odum School and help with our outreach mission by increasing our presence on social media,” said Injaian, lecturer and academic coordinator. “When we meet with prospective students and their families, they really want to hear from the ambassadors about their experiences in Odum and at UGA. Getting the first-person perspective from our ambassadors is really powerful.”

The Student Ambassadors were chosen by a committee of faculty and staff, based on their academic achievements, leadership potential and commitment to serving the Odum community. They attend monthly workshops to brainstorm ideas for community involvement, plan content for social media and explore topics like best practices for communications.

Applications for the 2023-2024 cohort of Student Ambassadors will open in spring.