William Hopkins

Adjunct Faculty
Associate Professor
Virginia Polytechnic University
Graduate Program Faculty

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Selected Publications

S.F. Hope, S.E. DuRant, J.J. Hallagan, M.L. Beck, R.A. Kennamer, W.A. Hopkins. In Press. Free-moving artificial eggs containing temperature loggers reveal remarkable within-clutch variance in incubation temperature. Journal of Avian Biology.

Eagles-Smith, C.A., Silbergeld, E.K., Basu, N., Bustamante, P., Diaz-Barriga, F., Hopkins, W.A., Kidd, K.A., Nyland, J.F. In Press. Modulators of mercury risk to wildlife and humans in the context of rapid global change. Ambio. INVITED REVIEW AND INTERNATIONAL PLENARY PANEL

Thompson, M.M. G, B.H. Coe G, R.M. Andrews, D.A. Stauffer, D.A. Cristol, D.A. Crossley, W.A. Hopkins. In press.  Major Global Changes Interact to Cause Male-biased Sex Ratios in a Reptile with Temperature-dependent Sex Determination.  Biological Conservation.

Jachowski, C.M.B.G, and W. A. Hopkins. In press. Demography of the hellbender, Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, along a land use gradient: Implications for monitoring and conservation of long-lived species. Biological Conservation.