Paul Hendrix

Professor Emeritus, Odum School of Ecology


Ph.D., University of Georgia

More About

My research focuses on exotic earthworm invasions in wildland ecosystems. Do earthworm invasions significantly alter soil characteristics and processes, and do such effects impact on the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems? Are undisturbed soils and their resident biota resistant to invasions by exotic earthworms? Do native earthworms reduce the impacts of exotic earthworm invasions on soil processes? Do exotic species eventually displace native species even in undisturbed soils? We are using isotopically enriched ( 13 C and 15 N) plant litter to evaluate the effects of native and exotic earthworms and their interactions on soil organic matter dynamics and C-sequestration in old-growth Douglas fir forests in Oregon, deciduous hardwood forests in the southern Appalachians, longleaf pine – wiregrass savannas in north Florida, and tropical rainforests and pastures in Puerto Rico.

Research Interests
  1. Earthworm ecology
  2. Invasion biology and biogeography of earthworms
  3. Effects of soil biota on soil structure and organic matter dynamics
Selected Publications

Snyder, B.A., B. Boots and P.F Hendrix. 2009. Competition between non-native earthworms (Amynthas corticis, Megascolecidae) and millipedes (Pseudopolydesmus erasus, Polydesmidae): Effects on carbon cycling and soil structure. Soil Biol Biochem. (in press).

Richardson, R., B. Snyder and P. Hendrix. 2009. Soil moisture and temperature tolerances and optima for a non-native earthworm species, Amynthas agrestis (Oligochaeta: Opisthopora: Megascolecidae).  Southeastern Naturalist (in press).

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