John Drake

Regents' Professor
Distinguished Research Professor
Director, Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases
Graduate Program Faculty

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Ph.D. – University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

Research Interests

  • Population dynamics
  • Epidemiology
  • Computational ecology

Research Projects

  • Global patterns, predictors, and their dynamical consequences in zoonotic diseases of mammals
  • Forecasting tipping points in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.
  • Population biology of West Nile virus in New York City;
  • Evolutionary dynamics of avian influenza virus;
  • Ecological niche identification and geographic range prediction for disease vectors;
  • Extinction in experimental zooplankton populations
Selected Publications

O’Dea, E.B. & J.M. Drake. Disentangling reporting and disease transmission. Theoretical Ecology. (In press.)

Kaul, R., M.V. Evans, C.C. Murdock & J.M. Drake. Spatio-temporal spillover risk of yellow fever in Brazil. Parasites & Vectors. (In press.)

Evans, M.V., J.C. Shiau, N. Solano, M.A. Brindley, J.M. Drake & C.C. Murdock. Carry-over effects of urban larval environments on the transmission potential of dengue-2 virus. Parasites & Vectors.

E.B. Laber, N. Meyer, B. Reich, J. Collazo & J.M. Drake. On-line estimation of an optimal treatment allocation strategy for the control of White-nose Syndrome in bats. Journal of the Royal Society, Series C. 67:743-789.

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