Andreas Handel

Associate Professor, College of Public Health Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Professional Website


PhD, Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Areas of Expertise

Research: infectious disease, modeling, data analysis, influenza, tuberculosis, norovirus

Teaching: infectious disease, modeling, data analysis

Research Interests

Dr. Handel studies the spread and control of infectious diseases, mainly influenza, tuberculosis and norovirus. He uses mathematical models, computational simulations and statistical analysis to understand the dynamics of pathogens on different spatial and temporal scales

Selected Publications

Molly K Steele, Justin V Remais, Manoj Gambhir, John W Glasser, Andreas Handel, Umesh D Parashar, Benjamin A Lopman (2016). Targeting pediatric versus elderly populations for norovirus vaccines: a model-based analysis of mass vaccination options. Epidemics 17:42-49.

Marc Lipsitch, Wendy Barclay, Rahul Raman, Charles J Russell, Jessica A Belser, Sarah Cobey, Peter M Kasson, James O Lloyd-Smith, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Steven Riley, Catherine AA Beauchemin, Trevor Bedford, Thomas C Friedrich, Andreas Handel, Sander Herfst, Pablo R Murcia, Benjamin Roche, Claus O Wilke, Colin A Russell (2016). Viral factors in influenza pandemic risk assessment. eLife 5:e18491.

Nicolas A Menzies, Gabriela B Gomez,…, Andreas Handel,…, Richard G White, Anna Vassall. (2016). Cost-effectiveness and resource implications of aggressive action on tuberculosis in China, India, and South Africa: a combined analysis of nine models. The Lancet Global Health 4:11, e816-e826.

Rein MGJ Houben, Nicolas A Menzies,…, Andreas Handel,…, Anna Vassall, Richard G White. (2016). Feasibility of achieving the 2025 WHO global tuberculosis targets in South Africa, China, and India: a combined analysis of 11 mathematical models. The Lancet Global Health 4:11, e806-e815.

Veronika I Zarnitsyna, Andreas Handel, Sean R McMaster, Sarah L Hayward, Jacob E Kohlmeier, Rustom Antia (2016). Mathematical Model Reveals the Role of Memory CD8 T Cell Populations in Recall Responses to Influenza. Frontiers in immunology 7:165.

Kasia A. Pawelek, Daniel Dor, Jr., Cristian Salmeron, Andreas Handel^ (2016) .Within-Host Models of High and Low Pathogenic Influenza Virus Infections: The Role of Macrophages. PLoS One.

Kylie M Quinn, Sophie G Zaloumis, Tania Cukalac, Wan-Ting Kan, Xavier YX Sng, Michiko Mirams, Katherine A Watson, James M McCaw, Peter C Doherty, Paul G Thomas, Andreas Handel, Nicole L La Gruta (2016). Heightened self-reactivity associated with selective survival, but not expansion, of naïve virus-specific CD8+ T cells in aged mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (5) 1333–1338.

Andreas Handel^ and Pejman Rohani (2015). Crossing the scale from within-host infection dynamics to between-host transmission fitness: a discussion of current assumptions and knowledge. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 370 (1675), 20140302

Juliet Sekandi, Sarah Zalwango, Leonardo Martinez, Andreas Handel, Robert Kakaire, Allan Nkwata, Amara Ezeamama, Noah Kiwanuka, Christopher Whalen (2015). Four Degrees of Separation: Social Contacts and Health Providers Influence the Steps to Final Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis Patients in Urban Uganda. BMC infectious diseases 15 (1), 361

Theresa Devasia*, Benjamin Lopman, Juan Leon, Andreas Handel^ (2015) Association of host, agent and environment characteristics and the duration of incubation and symptomatic periods of norovirus gastroenteritis. Epidemiology and infection 143 (11), 2308-2314.