Amy Rosemond

UGA Foundation Professor in Ecology
Distinguished Research Professor
Graduate Program Faculty

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Ph.D. – Vanderbilt University
M.S. – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
B.S. – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

More About

Humanity’s need for access to clean water is unprecedented, as is the impact of humans on those resources.  We need to work together to find ways to protect and manage the quality of freshwater, while supporting human well-being. We need ‘all hands on deck’ approaches to learning, research, and management, that includes all people – and future generations. Graduate students in my lab work on topics such as the effects of global change on stream ecosystems.

Areas of Expertise
  • Aquatic ecology/watershed ecology
  • Ecosystem ecology/biogeochemistry
  • Sustainability science/conservation ecology
Honors, Awards, and Achievements

2023 UGA Foundation Professor in Ecology

2022 Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia

2020 Project Director, NSF-funded Emerge program, in collaboration with the Society for Freshwater Science

2020-2021 Past-President, Society for Freshwater Science

2019-2020 President, Society for Freshwater Science

2018-2019 President-Elect, Society for Freshwater Science

2018 Creative Research Medal in Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Georgia

2018 Fellow, Ecological Society of America. Citation: “Elected for creative and influential experimental research on the food web, microbial, and biogeochemical dynamics of aquatic ecosystems.”

Courses Taught

A course I teach, Water Sustainability in the Anthropocene, explores the connections between people, water quality, and water use. And I help lead a program funded by the National Science Foundation, Emerge, where scholars from across the U.S. can build a large network and community of freshwater scientists to address some of humanity’s most pressing freshwater issues. The program is coordinated by Breanna Ondich here at the University of Georgia.

Research Interests

I am interested in connections between freshwater resources, how they are being modified by humans, and the people who depend on them.  Topics that my colleagues, students, and I are actively researching are a) the effects of elevated temperature and nutrient pollution on freshwater organisms and ecosystem functions and b) how natural infrastructure can be used to improve water quality.

Research Interests

  • Linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem function
  • Detritus-based food webs
  • Nutrient mobilization effects on aquatic ecosystems
  • Food web stoichiometry
  • Global change effects on aquatic ecosystems
Selected Publications

Tomczyk, N., L. Naslund, C. Cummins, E.V. Bell, P. Bumpers, and A.D. Rosemond. 2023.  Nonpoint source pollution measures in the Clean Water Act have no detectable impact on decadal trends in nutrient concentrations in U.S. inland waters.  Ambio, 1-13.

Bumpers, P.M., A.D. Rosemond, D.W.P. Manning, J.S. Kominoski, J.P. Benstead, and L.M. Demi. 2023.  Experimental nutrient enrichment of forest streams reduces ecosystem nitrogen and phosphorus storage.  Limnology and Oceanography.

Jackson, C.R., S.J. Wenger, B.P. Bledsoe, J.M. Shepherd, K.A. Capps, A.D. Rosemond, M.J. Paul, M. Welch-Devine, K. Li, T. Stephens, T.C. Rasmussen. 2023. Water supply, waste assimilation, and low-flow issues facing the Southeast Piedmont Interstate-85 urban archipelago.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association.

van Rees, C.B., L. Naslund, D.D. Hernandez-Abrams, S.K. McKay, C.B. Woodson, A. Rosemond, B. McFall, S. Altman, S.J. Wenger. 2022.  A strategic monitoring approach for learning to improve natural infrastructure.  Science of the Total Environment 832, 155078.

Ardón, M.  L.H. Zeglin, R.M. Utz, S.D. Cooper, W.K. Dodds, R.J. Bixby, A.S. Burdett, J. Follstad Shah, N.A. Griffiths, T.K. Harms, S.L. Johnson, J.B. Jones, J.S. Kominoski, W.H. McDowell, A.D. Rosemond, M.T. Trentman, D. Van Horn, A. Ward. 2021. Experimental nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment stimulates multiple trophic levels of algal and detrital‐based food webs: a global meta‐analysis from streams and rivers. Biological Review, 63:692-715.

Sullivan, S.M.P., M.C. Rains, A.D. Rodewald, W.W. Buzbee, and A.D. Rosemond. 2020. Distorting science, putting water at risk. Science, 369: 766-768.

Rosemond, A.D., J.P. Benstead, P.M. Bumpers, V. Gulis, J.S. Kominoski, D.W.P. Manning, K. Suberkropp, and J.B. Wallace. 2015. Experimental nutrient additions accelerate terrestrial carbon loss from stream ecosystems. Science 347:1142-1145.

Kominoski, J. S. and A.D. Rosemond. 2012.  Conservation from the bottom up: forecasting effects of global change on dynamics of organic matter and management needs for river networks. Freshwater Science 31: 51-68.