We study the fundamental ecological processes that shape the world, inspire and train future generations, and create science-based solutions to environmental problems. Building on our legacy of innovation, we create change by harnessing diverse tools and perspectives in a collaborative community.


To lead the world in ecological science.

Core Values

  • Integrity. We are honest and open in our interactions, professionally respectful, and pursue the truth in our scientific endeavors.
  • Inclusivity. Diverse backgrounds and opinions lead to a vibrant exchange of ideas and advancement of science. We strive to foster a community in which all individuals are welcome and all feel valued and respected.
  • Intellectual curiosity. We are motivated by a desire to understand the natural world.
  • Interdisciplinarity. Because not all questions can be answered within disciplinary bounds, we seek collaborations with other fields of inquiry and respect pluralistic paths to discovery.
  • Innovation. We seek creative, novel, and effective approaches that advance ecological science, education, and application.