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Jake Moskowitz - Spring 2011

Jake conducted a research project under the supervision of Dr. Davis that was a follow-up to a recent project that involved examining color change in museum specimens of mammals. That project showed how the degree of redness in the coat color of a certain species of bat appears to vary with the age of the museum specimen (not the age of the live animal). Jake conducted a follow-up analysis of pelage color in golden mice specimens and found a similar trend - that older specimens are actually more colorful than newer specimens, which was also found with the bats. Jake's results suggest that there is something about the preservation of mammalian specimens that changes the properties of their fur over time, and it is not simply color-fading.

Photo - Jake examining golden mice specimens at the Georgia Museum of Natural History on campus. The specimen in his hand was collected and prepared by none other than Eugene Odum in 1942!