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Use of AI by Odum School researchers covered by New Scientist

Aug. 24, 2012

Writer: Beth Gavrilles, bethgav@uga.edu

Contact: Barbara Han, han@uga.edu

An article in the August 20 issue of New Scientist describes how Odum School researchers are using artificial intelligence—defined in the article as “software that can recognise hidden patterns and trends in messy data”—to understand and predict ecological problems such as species invasions and disease outbreaks. The story features research by postdoctoral associates Barbara Han and John Paul Schmidt and Associate Professor John Drake. Han and Drake organized a session on the use of AI, or machine learning, at the Ecological Society of America’s annual meeting, held in Austin, Texas in August. Besides Han, Drake, and Schmidt, session speakers included Odum School postdoctoral associate Sean Maher.

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