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UGA Research Magazine features Odum stories

Apr. 14, 2017



There are lots of great stories featuring Odum School faculty and students in the Spring 2017 issue of UGA Research magazine!

Attacking Zika, by Andy and Lori Johnston, features the work of Assistant Professor Courtney Murdock of the Odum School and Department of Infectious Diseases in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Professor John Drake.

Imperiled Waterways covers the recent River Basin Center study mapping southeastern aquatic biodiversity and threats to it. The study was conducted by RBC postdoctoral associate Duncan Elkins, senior legal fellow Katie Sheehan and co-director and assistant professor Seth Wenger, with colleagues from the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute.

Eat or Be Eaten, by Vicky Sutton-Jackson, covers a study led by Erin Abernethy, MS ’16, with senior author Gene Rhodes, professor and director of the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, about the role of invasive species as scavengers on the big island of Hawaii. The paper, part of Abernethy’s thesis research, was published in Ecosphere.

In Rewind: Protecting Georgia’s Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands, Laurie Fowler, co-director of the River Basin Center and faculty member in the Odum School and the School of Law, discusses the issues affecting water, the laws designed to deal with them, and how they’ve changed since she first came to UGA.

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