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Crowdfunding Citizen Science

Feb. 21, 2015

Writer: Beth Gavrilles, bethgav@uga.edu

Contact: Lee Snelling, snelling@uga.edu

Odum School doctoral student Linsey Haram studies the impacts of an invasive seaweed, Gracilaria vermiculophylla, on southeastern estuaries. Since its recent arrival here, Gracilaria has spread far and fast. To track how it changes over time, Haram wants to enlist the help of citizen scientists. She plans to install a series of informational signs to educate people about Gracilaria and provide instructions for taking and sharing photos of Gracilaria using social media. Haram is seeking to raise $4,000 for the project through Georgia Funder, UGA’s new crowdfunding platform.

To kickstart the effort, Odum School Dean John Gittleman has pledged to match the first $250 in donations.

To learn more about the project, and to contribute, see t.uga.edu/1hG.

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