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Sexual transmission of Ebola likely to impact course of outbreaks

Sexual transmission of Ebola virus could have a major impact on the dynamics of the disease, potentially re-igniting an outbreak that has been contained by public health interventions, according to research by University of Georgia ecologists just published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters.

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UGA study finds Saharan dust affects marine bacteria, potential pathogen Vibrio

Atmospherically transported dust from north Africa’s Sahara Desert provides pulses of biologically important nutrients, including iron, to the tropical marine waters of the Caribbean and southeastern U.S. Researchers from UGA have found that Vibrio bacteria respond rapidly to this influx , leading to large blooms of the potentially harmful bacteria in ocean surface water.

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CONSERVATION SEMINAR: Ecology and restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem: long-term perspectives
Dr. Kay Kirkman, Senior Scientist, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center and Adjunct Professor, UGA Odum School of Ecology
Aug. 24, 2016

LECTURE: Climate Change and Biological Conservation in Georgia: John Abbot and the Pearly Eye Butterflies of Athens-Clarke County
James W. Porter, UGA Odum School of Ecology
Aug. 25, 2016