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Not a win-win: Treating for worms helps animals survive infectious diseases—and spread them

Parasitic worms have been shown to influence how the immune system responds to diseases like HIV and tuberculosis. In a new study of African buffalo, Vanessa Ezenwa has found that de-worming drastically improved an animal’s chances of surviving bovine tuberculosis—but with the consequence of increasing the spread of TB in the population.

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Crowdfunding Citizen Science

Odum School doctoral student Linsey Haram is seeking to raise $4,000 for a citizen science project to monitor the invasive seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla through Georgia Funder, UGA’s new crowdfunding platform.

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Water Globe


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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Remote Sensing of Water Resources: Successes and Challenges
Deepak Mishra, Associate Professor, UGA Department of Geography
Mar. 31, 2015

ECOLOGY SEMINAR: The "parasite paradox”: Using community ecology to resolve the diversity-disease debates
Pieter Johnson, Associate Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder
Apr. 9, 2015