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Genetic analysis reveals surprises about the monarch butterfly

A team of researchers, led by scientists at the University of Chicago and including Odum School Associate Dean Sonia Altizer, has published a study in Nature that reveals unexpected answers to the origins of monarchs and the genetic basis of their best-known traits.

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Vanessa Ezenwa profiled in UGA's Focus on Faculty Oct. 5, 2014

Associate Professor Vanessa Ezenwa was profiled in the "Focus on Faculty" page of the University of Georgia web site.

Read the full profile: Focus on Faculty: Vanessa Ezenwa

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ECOLOGY SEMINAR: Dispersal, demographic heterogeneity, and the dynamics of open populations
Erik Noonburg, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University
Oct. 28, 2014

CONSERVATION SEMINAR: Coordinating science and politics for conservation of a federally-endangered plant, Canby's Dropwort
Lisa Kruse, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Oct. 29, 2014