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Anya Brown

PhD student
University of Georgia
Room 25, Odum School of Ecology
Athens, GA 30602-XXXX

email: anyabrown@uga.edu


BS (Marine Biology) Brown University (2009)

MS (Biology) California State University, Northridge (2012)

Begin PhD (Biology) University of Florida (2012-2014)

PhD (Ecology) University of Georgia (2014-present)

Research Interests

community ecology, coral reef ecology, microbially-mediated interactions, chemical ecology

Research Projects

Modification of coral-algal interactions by vermetid snails


Professional Affiliations

Sigma Xi

UF Women in Science and Engineering

Selected Publications

Brown, A.L. R.C. Carpenter. 2013. Water flow mediated oxygen dynamics within massive Porites-algal turf interactions. Mar Ecol Prog Ser. 490: 1-10

Brown, A.L., J. Zill, T. Frazer, C. Osenberg. 2014. Muricid snails consume and deposit eggs in vermetid, Dendropoma maximum shells. Coral Reefs, 33(2): 497

Anya Brown