| Accessibility Statement

Katherine Adams
Graduate Advisor

Academic Advisor IV
University of Georgia
Room 19, Ecology Bldg.
Athens, GA 30602

Office: (706) 542-3404
Fax: (706) 542-4819
email: ktswings@uga.edu

Job Responsibilities Include:

Serves as assistant to the Graduate Coordinator of Odum School and the graduate program.

Liaison to Graduation Coordinator, Graduate School and graduate students.

Provides the general public, faculty, staff and students with information regarding Odum School graduate programs and the Graduate School.

Supervises the dispersal of departmental information to prospective graduate applicants.

Receives and processes applications for admission from prospective students and transfer students. Compiles data and assists Admissions Committee with recommendation of prospective students.

Maintains records of all current graduate students from matriculation to graduation. Processes various forms including, but not limited to, information on theses and defenses, assistantships, graduation, late add, withdrawals and more.

Assists with visitation by prospective graduate students.

Assists with coordination of fall orientation for incoming students.

Counsels graduate students.

Revises or processes new courses in the University CAPA system.

Sends course evaluation forms to instructors of graduate courses for distribution to their students. Collects evaluations and compiles the data. Distributes the compiled data to instructors.

Serves on special Graduate Admission Committee for the Graduate School.

Additional duties as assigned.

Katherine Adams
Graduate Advisor