Takao Sasaki

Assistant Professor
Graduate Program Faculty

Curriculum Vitae

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PhD Biology, Arizona State University

Areas of Expertise
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Movement Ecology
Honors, Awards, and Achievements

NSF award (2022-2024): Empirical and theoretical investigation of associative learning in groups

NSF award (2023-2025): Integrative approach to understanding the emergence of alternative social phenotypes through greenbeard effects in the fire ant

Templeton World Charity Foundation (2023-2025): A novel perspective on animal culture: how ant colonies accumulate complex solutions in a fluctuating environment

UGA the Willson Center grant (2023): Support for outreach program to local schools




Courtesy faculty, Entomology Department at UGA

Courses Taught

Animal Cognition (fall semester)

Evolutionary Ecology (spring semester)

Research Interests

Collective behavior

Collective learning

Complex systems


Selected Publications

Sasaki, T., Masuda, N., Mann, R.P. & Biro, D. (2022). Empirical test of the many-wrongs hypothesis reveals weighted averaging of individual routes in pigeon flocks. iScience, 25(10):105076

Valentini, G., Pavlic, T.P., Walker, S.I., Pratt, S.C., Biro, D. & Sasaki, T. (2021). Naïve individuals promote collective exploration in homing pigeons. eLife, 10:e68653

Pratt, S.C. & Sasaki, T. (2018). Psychology of a superorganism: collective decision-making by insect societies. Annual Review of Entomology, 63, 259-275.

Sasaki, T. & Biro, D. (2017). Cumulative culture can emerge from collective intelligence in animal groups. Nature Communications, 8, 15049.