Suman Jumani

ORISE Fellow, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Wenger Lab


PhD, University of Florida, 2022

Honors, Awards, and Achievements

2021, Certificate of Outstanding Merit, University of Florida

Selected Publications

Jumani, S., Deitch, M.J., Kaplan, D., Anderson, E.P., Krishnaswamy, J., Lecours, V. and Whiles, M.R. (2020) River fragmentation and flow alteration metrics: a review of methods and directions for future research. Environmental Research Letters.

Jumani, S., Deitch, M.J., Valle, D., Machado, S., Lecours, V., Kaplan, D., Krishnaswamy, J., and Howard, J. (2022) A new index to quantify longitudinal river fragmentation: conservation and management implications. Ecological Indicators.