Jason Donaldson

Senior Research Associate
Holdo Lab


PhD, University of the Witwatersrand, 2018
MSc, Stellenbosch University, 2012
BSc Hons., University of Cape Town, 2011
BSc, University of Cape Town, 2010

Areas of Expertise

Ecosystem ecology

Selected Publications

Donaldson, J. E., R. M. Holdo, J. Sarikikya, and T. M. Anderson. 2022. Fire, grazers and browsers interact with grass competition to determine tree establishment in an African savanna. Ecology 103:e3715.

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Trotter, F. D., C. E. R. Lehmann, J. E. Donaldson, E. H. Mangena, C. Parr, and S. Archibald. 2022. Drought and fire determine juvenile and adult woody diversity and dominance in a semi-arid African savanna. Biotropica 54:1015-1029.

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