About the Ecology Minor

Enhance your major with scientific training about the environment.

Each day there are stories in the news about the environment. These may focus on the effects of drought on water supplies, the possible role of climate change on hurricane occurrence and severity, or the role of urbanization in wildlife population declines If you are interested in journalism, politics, or anthropology, then knowledge of the science of ecology will provide an expertise that will distinguish you from others in your field.

The minor in Ecology is a science- based program. The core Ecology course requires some preparation in Biology and Chemistry, and an introductory course in Statistics is also required for the minor. These courses provide strong evidence for employers or post graduate degree programs that you have a firm understanding of ecological issues and are well prepared to apply that knowledge to your field.

We also encourage students to participate in our Study Abroad program. For students that have taken the Introductory Biology, Chemistry and Statistics courses, it is possible to complete the minor in Ecology during the Fall semester in Costa Rica. May and summer semesters provide opportunities for completing Ecology electives in the minor..

Course requirements