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IDEAS Interdisciplinary Track

Infectious Disease Ecology Across Scales (IDEAS) is an inter-disciplinary track within the Ecology Ph.D. program.

Building upon the interdisciplinary pedagogical approach established by the premier Odum School of Ecology, the Infectious Disease Ecology Across Scales (IDEAS) Program addresses the challenges associated with educating biologists in the modern era by providing them with technical skills to move flexibly among massively different biological scales of organization along with translational skills to apply knowledge gained in the laboratory to social practices in the real world.

This cross-scale approach, which incorporates ideas from multiple disciplines, is especially relevant in the study of infectious diseases where host-pathogen interactions occurring at the molecular and cellular level can cascade up to the emergence and spread of globally pandemic infections.

In an effort to address the complex challenges such diseases pose to human health, social stability, and economic welfare, faculty at the Odum School of Ecology are partnering with colleagues from a number of academic and professional entities within and beyond the UGA campus to provide a unique research traineeship program to train students in new ways to solve infectious disease problems occurring at the interface of different scales of biological organization.

For further details, please see ideas.ecology.uga.edu or contact a program representative  at IDEAS@uga.edu.